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Home Mortgage Loans

Are you looking for a home mortgage loan? We could find you up to 5 suitable home mortgage lenders for your home financing needs. Whether you are seeking a home mortgage in order to purchase a new home, refinance your current mortgage or even renew your current home mortgage we can help.

Our secure automated system redirects your information to participating home mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers and you could receive up to five real loan offers within hours. In this article we’re going to show an example of someone refinancing their current home mortgage in order to pay off loans, 2nd mortgages, credit cards or any other obligations a person may have. We chose to show a home refinancing example because it is a very popular type of home mortgage however if you're looking for a different type of mortgage our lending partners will be happy to help you with that as well.

For many years people have refinanced their homes and have saved a lot money by doing so. We are providing you a detailed before and after "REFINANCE SCENARIO" below. Please note that the rates being used in this example might not be the same as today’s current rates but are being used to give you a general idea.

Before Refinancing

Current Situation Balance Monthly Payment
Mortgage $156 000 $890.00
Unsecured Line $13 000 $320.00
Credit Card/Loans $19 000 $580.00
Penalty $3 200 $0.00
Total $191 200 $1 790

After Refinancing

New Mortgage Balance Monthly Payment
Mortgage $191 200 $925.00
Unsecured Line Paid Off $0.00
Credit Card/Loans Paid Off $0.00
Penalty $3 200 $0.00
Total $191 200 $925.00

These scenarios are showing that you would save $865 per month. That means you are saving $10,380 per year. In 5 years your net saving is $51,900 providing most of the debts are paid off. If you have a lot of equity in your home, our mortgage lenders and mortgage broker partners can help you to do the same. There's a big possibility that they can help you save a lot of your hard earned money. There’s no reason for you to give away your hard earned money if you don’t have too!